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Secret Files 3 GoG Classic-I KnoW

Unsurprisingly, theres also many moments where the game falls apart. Nina falls off a high building and lands on her head, but thats it. She doesnt even suffer much. What happens instead is that the ground is surrounded by a tall, deadly spiked fence that lets you slide down a cliff. I believe it is supposed to be a deadly fence, so why not leave her in the top of the cliff while she falls? Also, when she starts to slide down, there are even no restraints, so I can see why theres no need to bother restraining Nina in the future. Theres even the moment where Nina boosts and goes into the air. When she lands, she doesnt even mention anything about hurting. She just walks to a nearby group of guards who happen to be trying to shoot a bird, which is just rude. Frankly, this is the most detestable moment in the entire game. How hard is it to properly cover the designers who wrote this game. Finally, theres also the plot hole where theres no one around and Max suddenly goes missing. For all we know, Max might have decided to take a nap during the night and was probably murdered by the mysterious masked man, who also steals Maxs wallet and leaves with it.

Secret Files 3 GoG Classic-I KnoW

Theres also no shortage of miniature toy monsters and monstrously kooky experiments. There is a nice storyline to Secret Files 3 GoG, as the last puzzle of the game involves solving a real-life crime. When the scientists discover an SOS note with a strange time code on the back, they realize that its written in a language no one knows; next to the notes body is a piece of jewelry. As soon as their bosses get the details, however, they realize that the note is written in a language that has no relation to any known language and threatens both the secretary and a senator involved in the story. Meanwhile, one of the scientists is also going through a rough time, because the typewriter he uses to type the letters isnt working. But isnt GOG to the rescue! GOG busts in and explains the situation - and then promptly crashes to the floor! One of the scientists goes over and restarts GOG, only to find that he has a key to the safe, which contains the hard drive for the remote control! It seems the remote control has finally been found!

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