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the dax, however, is a long-term investment played by big-name chinese corporations like tencent and the likes of alibaba. dax investors typically have holdings of more than 100 shares of the index, while the significant majority of ipos are priced below the index.

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that is because a distinct chinese culture exists around corporate governance and corporate responsibility and many chinese investors say they believe spacs are legitimate vehicles for china to maximize the long-term investment power of state-owned companies.

and in china, where people have more individualized relationships, social networks and local connections, spacs also set off a positive feedback loop, says ken hu, vice president of the allbirds, which is wholly owned by nike, and chinas only publicly traded shoe company.

"spacs also amplify your user base. if you see a success in china and just replicate it in the u.s., you have to look long and hard at that business," hu says. "the spac, which is an alternative to ipos, brings the people closer.

but is im afraid that at a time when its government is cracking down on domestic ipos and the valuation of its domestic companies is being called into question, the world needs fewer ipos by china-based companies.

this offers a grim end for a full-court press from president xi that has already seen the chinese government close government ipos, demand that some social media companies move their headquarters out of hong kong, and crack down on initial coin offerings.

capitalist watch columnist and poet dean corren writes: "from a national security perspective, the u.s. federal government is being egged on to crack down on china. the newly announced crime of 'hacking' seems to be the next step in that process, and chinese tech firms are no different from any others in coming under the scrutiny of the state department and possibly the department of justice."

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