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Domo Takes On Slack With $131 Million At $2 Billion Valuation

About a year and a half ago, personal finance company Credit Karma said it had raised $175 million at a $3.5 billion valuation. Recently, the company introduced a tax preparation service, challenging the likes of H&R Block and Intuit.

Domo takes on Slack with $131 million at $2 billion valuation

Network security company ForeScout, which was founded in 2000, announced a $76 million funding round at a billion-dollar valuation in January 2016. In September, Reuters reported that it had started interviewing banks that could be its IPO underwriters.

Despite the losses, GitHub has raised $350 million from investors at rising valuations. Investors include Thrive Capital, SV Angel, Sequoia Capital, Institutional Venture Partners, and Andreessen Horowitz. Its latest funding round was held in July 2015, when the company was valued at $2 billion. In 2012, it was valued at $750 million. More recent valuation is not known.

GitHub has built a strong community over the last few years. It is not witnessing much competition from big players like Google and Microsoft who have entered open-source code. But there are several other players to compete with. There is startup GitLab that offers its services for free under an open-source license. Then, there is Atlassian that bought Bitbucket to enter the space. GitHub has maintained that it wants to grow to 100 million users with a revenue target of $1 billion. I would like to know what other services is GitHub evaluating to reach that goal? Some suggest that it could consider becoming a marketplace for developers to showcase their projects while earning a fee. Is that an option?

After a newly minted $1.1B valuation, Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, sits down with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin to talk about the twists and turns along the way to building SalesLoft into the Unicorn it is today. From completely pivoting the product early on, to becoming an essential software tool for inside sales reps -- learn how SalesLoft landed some of the Cloud giants like Shopify, Google, and Slack as its customers, and what it takes to build a Unicorn company in today's changing market.

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