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The Rider

After an argument with his father, Brady decides to take part in a rodeo competition, despite the doctors' warnings. At the competition, just before he competes, he sees his family watching him. He finally decides to walk away from the competition and life as a rodeo rider.

The Rider

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In 2015, while visiting a ranch on Pine Ridge Reservation, Chloé met a twenty-year old Lakota cowboy named Brady Jandreau. Brady is a member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe and currently resides on Pine Ridge. He is a saddle bronc rider and a horse trainer, who lives like a man of the land. He hunts on horseback, fishes in the white river, spends most of his days working with wild horses, breaking and training them until they're fit for selling. Like a fish to water, Brady seems to understand every movement of the horse, as if they are locked in some kind of telepathic dance routine. One giving way to the other, until slowly and gently, a trust is formed. He's been doing it since he was eight years old, and it's miraculous to observe. Chloé was immediately drawn to him and she started to gather ideas for a film about Brady.

Brady also visits one of his best friends, Lane Scott, a former bull rider who was left paralyzed and unable to speak after an accident, but who remains a spirited optimist and encourages his pal to cling fiercely to his dreams. (In real life, Scott sustained his injuries in a 2013 car crash, but the movie is ambiguous on the matter.) Zhao approaches these scenes with remarkable delicacy, never reducing her actors to their disabilities or milking them for easy pity.

Brady (Brady Jandreau) is a horse-trainer and rodeo rider who lives for the excitement of the competition: the music blaring, the crowd roaring, the horses bucking as riders hold on for dear life. He still gets an adrenaline rush every time he gets near a rodeo corral. But when we meet him, he's been watching from the sidelines for some time.

The team at The Rider Shop are dedicated to bringing you a range that is stylish, functional, innovative and of the highest possible quality. It is important to us that we deal with only the best brands in the business, with depth in each range to ensure there is something for every rider, spectator or horse lover who shares our love and appreciation for beautiful things.

DESCRIPTIONThe world's best Anti-theft riding bag is back in Coyote color limited edition. Designed by motorcycle riders to keep the gear safe when not riding, but built for everyone.

The aim of this study was to show that the motion pattern of a well-ridden horse varies less than the motion pattern of an unridden horse. In order to do so, we recorded the motion of two markers, one attached to the dorsal spinous processus of lumbar vertebra L4, the other to the right fore hoof. In total, we measured 21 horses in trot, ridden and unridden, with a fitting and with a non-fitting saddle. After breaking down the entire time series of the three-dimensional motion of the markers into their respective motion cycles, we computed a measure of motion pattern variability for the motion as well as for the derivatives (velocity and acceleration) along each of the three principal dimensions. Two of six variables (velocity and acceleration in the forward direction) displayed a significant discrimination between the ridden and the unridden case, and demonstrated the beneficial effect of a rider on the horse's motion pattern variability. Saddle fit was shown to have also an influence on motion variability: variability of two variables (velocity and of acceleration in forward direction) was significantly lower with a fitting saddle compared to a non-fitting saddle, a third variable (acceleration in the transversal direction) showed a significant difference also. This new method offers an objective evaluation of saddle fit, and a sensitive assessment of the quality of the rider in the moving horse.

Without the Elephant, the Rider will struggle to make a decision on logic alone. And even worse for you, knowing that the Elephant can overpower the rider, someone with a more compelling offer to the Elephant will beat your great offer to the Rider.

"...Yet the human mind has a rider, and as the rider begins to think more abstractly...there may come a time when he looks around, past the edges of the herd and asks: "Where are we all going? And why?"

The party wait about the wagon and soon a lone rider appears from behind the rocks. It is Silent Jack (Tex Thomas), of whom little is known, but upon whom rest suspicion because of the fact that he rides a painted horse. Jack meets the old scout, for between the two a strong friendship has sprung. He is then introduced to Jane and there is love at first sight.

The Indians all turn out as the masked rider appears, followed by the wagon. The chief greets him and the rider gives to the old chief the wagon as a present, but has several Indians drag the girl to his own tepee.

During this time the Scout and silent Jack discover the village and crawl up to it to rescue June, but are discovered by several Indian guards. A fight takes place in which the whole camp soon joins. Jack and the Scout are made prisoners and brought before the chief and the masked rider. The latter taunts him.

The friendly Indian meets the posse and guides them to the camp. They arrive just in time to save Silent Jack and the Scout from death. The Indians are routed, but not before the masked rider makes off with June. The party rides into camp, releases Jack and the Scout. Jack, finding June is gone, jumps on the horse and follows the masked rider. The Scout and party soon follow.

\n Illustrations by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Stamford Ct,\n USA. Copyright U.S. Games Systems. Except as\n used to display a Visionary Networks' Tarot\n reading, further reproduction prohibited.\n This beautiful image, scanned with\n permission from U.S. Games, is based on a\n Tarot Deck available for purchase at\n\n ","deck_vendor_id":1,"deck_vendor_name":"US Games","deck_vendor_copyright":"\u00a9 U.S. Games Systems, Inc.","card_back_image":"https:\/\/\/images\/decks\/rider\/ghost.jpg","cards":["index":0,"canonical_rank":"the-fool","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/0.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/0.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/0.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/0.jpg","metadata":"The Fool Tarot card is numbered 0 in the Major Arcana, and in the Upright position, represents the start of a new beginning and limitless potential. In the Advice position, The Fool encourages you to stay open-minded and embrace the unknown as you embark on your new adventure.","name":"The Fool","one_liner":"Let go of expectations and trust your instincts.","rank_index":0,"rank_name":"The Fool","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The Fool","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":1,"canonical_rank":"the-magician","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/1.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/1.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/1.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/1.jpg","metadata":"The Magician Tarot card is the first card in the Major Arcana, and in the Upright position, signals resourcefulness and personal manifestation. In the Advice position, The Magician advises you to create a clear picture of what you want and to trust in your innate creativity.","name":"The Magician","one_liner":"Be creative and stay open -- your possibilities are endless.","rank_index":1,"rank_name":"The Magician","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The Magician","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":2,"canonical_rank":"the-high-priestess","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/2.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/2.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/2.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/2.jpg","metadata":"Learn what The High Priestess Tarot card means in your reading! See the upright meaning and reversed meaning, as well as The High Priestess in the advice position.","name":"The High Priestess","one_liner":"Get your self out of the way and become attuned to a more spiritual view.","rank_index":2,"rank_name":"The High Priestess","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The High Priestess","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":3,"canonical_rank":"the-empress","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/3.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/3.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/3.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/3.jpg","metadata":"The Empress is a Major Arcana card, and in the Upright position, symbolizes the supreme archetype of divine femininity. In the Advice position, the Empress encourages you to embrace this part of yourself as a way to restore balance to the masculine and feminine energies you possess.","name":"The Empress","one_liner":"Look for opportunities to be generous, warm, and nurturing.","rank_index":3,"rank_name":"The Empress","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The Empress","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":4,"canonical_rank":"the-emperor","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/4.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/4.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/4.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/4.jpg","metadata":"Learn what The Emperor Tarot card means in your reading! See the upright meaning and reversed meaning, as well as The Emperor in the advice position.","name":"The Emperor","one_liner":"You have the wisdom and authority to achieve your goals.","rank_index":4,"rank_name":"The Emperor","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The Emperor","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":5,"canonical_rank":"the-hierophant","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/5.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/5.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/5.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/5.jpg","metadata":"Learn what The Hierophant Tarot card means in your reading! See the upright meaning and reversed meaning, as well as The Hierophant in the advice position.","name":"The Hierophant","one_liner":"Expand your inner knowledge and share it with others.","rank_index":5,"rank_name":"The Hierophant","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The Hierophant","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":6,"canonical_rank":"the-lovers","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/6.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/6.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/6.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/6.jpg","metadata":"The Lovers card is a Major Arcana Tarot card, and in the Upright position, represents love, partnerships, and decisions you may be facing. In the Advice position, The Lovers card encourages you to be open to compromise and to blend your head and heart when choosing which direction to go.","name":"The Lovers","one_liner":"Integrate two potential realities or let go of one of them.","rank_index":6,"rank_name":"The Lovers","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The Lovers","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":7,"canonical_rank":"the-chariot","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/7.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/7.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/7.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/7.jpg","metadata":"The Chariot card is a Major Arcana card, and in the Upright position, signifies success through the use of determination and willpower. In the Advice position, The Chariot reminds you to not give up if you encounter any obstacles in your path; harnessing your inner power is the key to success.","name":"The Chariot","one_liner":"Use your powers of freedom and flexibility to drive your future.","rank_index":7,"rank_name":"The Chariot","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The Chariot","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":8,"canonical_rank":"strength","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/8.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/8.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/8.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/8.jpg","metadata":"Learn what the Strength Tarot card means in your reading! See the upright meaning and reversed meaning, as well as the Strength in the advice position.","name":"Strength","one_liner":"Balance your primal force with intuition and compassion.","rank_index":8,"rank_name":"Strength","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"the Strength","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":9,"canonical_rank":"the-hermit","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/9.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/9.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/9.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/9.jpg","metadata":"The Hermit is a Major Arcana card, and in the Upright position, signals the need for a period of quiet contemplation and solitude. In the Advice position, The Hermit wants you to withdraw from the noise of everyday life and give yourself the space to reflect on your situation. ","name":"The Hermit","one_liner":"Gaze into the mysteries of your inner life.","rank_index":9,"rank_name":"The Hermit","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The Hermit","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":10,"canonical_rank":"wheel-of-fortune","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/10.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/10.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/10.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/10.jpg","metadata":"Learn what the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card means in your reading! See the upright meaning and reversed meaning, as well as the Wheel of Fortune in the advice position.","name":"Wheel of Fortune","one_liner":"Learn to go with the flow without resisting ups and downs.","rank_index":10,"rank_name":"Wheel of Fortune","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"the Wheel of Fortune","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":11,"canonical_rank":"justice","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/11.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/11.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/11.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/11.jpg","metadata":"The Justice card is a Major Arcana card that is about cause and effect. In the Upright position, it reminds you that the actions you take have long-term effects on your future. In the Advice position, the Justice card wants you to make any decisions fairly and to consider any consequences that could impact you or those around you.","name":"Justice","one_liner":"Balance the scales to support truth and serve the greatest good.","rank_index":11,"rank_name":"Justice","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"the Justice","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":12,"canonical_rank":"the-hanged-man","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/12.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/12.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/12.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/12.jpg","metadata":"The Hanged Man Tarot card is a Major Arcana card that symbolizes embracing a different perspective. In the Upright position, it points to being put on pause -- voluntarily or involuntarily -- so you can reassess your situation. In the Advice position, The Hanged Man encourages you to let go of old beliefs that are no longer serving you.","name":"The Hanged Man","one_liner":"You have reached a crossroads, making it possible to clear the slate and start over.","rank_index":12,"rank_name":"The Hanged Man","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"The Hanged Man","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":13,"canonical_rank":"death","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/13.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/13.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/13.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/13.jpg","metadata":"Learn what the Death Tarot card means in your reading! See the upright meaning and reversed meaning, as well as the Death in the advice position.","name":"Death","one_liner":"Shed the old to make room for the new.","rank_index":13,"rank_name":"Death","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"the Death","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":14,"canonical_rank":"temperance","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/14.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/14.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/14.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/14.jpg","metadata":"The Temperance card is a Major Arcana card, and in the Upright position, signifies the need for more balance in your life. In the Advice position, Temperance encourages you to practice moderation and evaluate your priorities so you can find ways to restore order.","name":"Temperance","one_liner":"The time is now for self-healing.","rank_index":14,"rank_name":"Temperance","suit_name":"Trumps","the_name":"the Temperance","canonical_suit_display":null,"index":15,"canonical_rank":"the-devil","canonical_suit":"trumps","images":"full":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/full_size\/15.jpg","table":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/table_card\/15.jpg","preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/98\/15.jpg","large_preview":"https:\/\/\/images\/site\/decks\/rider\/140\/15.jpg","metadata":"The Devil Tarot card is a Major Arcana card that represents our shadow sides and the self-imposed limitations that hold us back. In the Upright position, it serves as a reminder that you have the control to break away from any negative tendencies. In the Advice position, The Devil wants you to bring these influences into your consciousness so you can release them.","name":"The Devil","one_liner":"Put subtlety aside and empower

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