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During her senior year at the University of Texas, Natalie has sex with her friend Gabe, with both agreeing not to "make it a big deal". A few weeks later, on the night of their graduation, Natalie feels sick and her best friend Cara gets her pregnancy tests. When Natalie takes them, her life diverges into two parallel realities based on the result.

Looking both ways

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In both realities, Natalie has a career breakthrough. She gets accepted to the South by Southwest film festival in Austin where in one reality, she sits on a panel of creators including Lucy and discusses a comic inspired by Rosie, and in the other, her short film is showcased.

Natalie utilizes the life experience from both realities to seek her ultimate objective of transforming into an artist, and even though the two realities lead her on different routes, she still succeeds in achieving the objective she set out to accomplish from the beginning, despite not relocating to LA or having experienced her idols rejection.

Can invoke Diabolus ex Machina if done particularly suddenly, or Schrödinger's Gun in video games in which the vehicle crosses your path only if you didn't look first. Nearly always invokes Mood Whiplash. Can sometimes be averted by a Heroic Sacrificial Diving Save. Compare Car Fu, where someone is trying to hit someone else with a vehicle.

APD officers responded to an unusual call Thursday afternoon of a bear milling around downtown and then eventually climbing a tree in the Pritchard Park area. The black bear, wearing a Wildlife enforcement tracking collar, seemed to want a day in the park, where lots of people were enjoying their day downtown. Officers wanted to help get the bear safely out of the area by helping give the bear space to mosey along. At one point the bear even crossed the street by using the crosswalk. Although officers appreciated the law-abiding bear, it was important to get the bear back to a wooded area for safety. This is the third incident APD officers have assisted in getting bears out of the downtown area in the past three weeks. Always be aware of your surroundings. We recommend following the recommendations listed on (Courtesy video below)

While both versions of Natalie are looking at the old bathroom where their story diverges down different paths, the movie flashes back to the version of Natalie staring at the pregnancy test. I thought this was just a callback moment to a defining point in both of their lives. However, it could also mean that none of it happened.

Look Both Ways is definitely also a movie about passions and dreams. One message is to not give up on dreams because your life may have taken an unexpected detour. Both versions of Natalie end up exploring their animation dreams and find some success with them. They also both find love, of the romantic and familial kind.

The Look Both Ways ending also has another message about embracing the unknown. Natalie starts the film as a planner, but in both universes, her plans take detours. She has to figure out what to do next in both scenarios.

There were three benches to the right of the double doors. The first was being babysat by some boy in a uniform holding a broken skateboard across his lap, stroking it like a hurt dog. The second was occupied by Gregory Pitts and his friends swatting their arms through a cloud of body spray that smelled like cinnamon if cinnamon smelled like garlic. And the third bench was where the Low Cuts always met. A base chosen by Bit.

And that was it. The last two bags were snatched up immediately, because it turned out, the thing about men in pool halls is none of them want to be outdone. For John John, Francy, and Trista, it was like looking at a roomful of bigger Bits. In the future.

Some of the conflict points in both narratives feel forced. For instance, in the track where Natalie is not pregnant, she's fired from her job because her boss finds her portfolio unimpressive but Natalie is never shown as a bad employee. A few scenes later, the boss offers Natalie her job back, making the firing feel even more unnecessary.

"What if" is a question that almost every single one of us asks ourselves at some point in our lives. Interestingly, Wanuri Kahiu brings this question onto the screen using her 2022 rom-com Look Both Ways. Look Both Ways features Lili Reinhart as the protagonist, Natalie Bennett. This Netflix movie begins with the protagonist's life taking two routes; a pregnant Natalie and a non-pregnant Natalie. Following this, the audience is taken through both journeys.

One might question why the choice of abortion was not included in the film. Perhaps, the creators were focused on looking at independent young moms; that they opted out of it. Either way, Natalie's emotions as well as the challenges she faces make her relatable. The way in which she struggles as a young mom sheds light on how it is no easy task to raise a child. On the other hand, the constant obstacles she faces when trying to build up her career can be something many young graduates go through. In fact, the show goes on to shed light on how whatever path we go, life will always bring us many obstacles.

One thing that both Natalies learn over time is that everything takes time. Young-mom-Natalie finds it difficult to pursue a career due to her child. However, unbeknownst to her, her child becomes her greatest inspiration. From a made-up story to calm her baby to an infamous animation that wins awards, this version of Natalie became a successful animator over time. On the other hand, the career-based Natalie seems to have a good job under her idol. However, it does not go well when she is asked to leave. With this downhill, she takes time to tap into her inner creativity. In the end, after much struggle, she wins the contest and ends up being a successful animator.

Whether it is moving back to your home after graduation or moving away from home to start a new life, these options cannot be pre-determined. That is something the protagonist of the film learns. Natalie is obsessed with making life plans. However, her plans seem to change due to the options she is given. This goes on to show how life itself consists of different routes. It is up to us to determine what we want to do with them. Either way, whether you plan your life beforehand or take the spontaneous route, these options end up defining who you are as a person. Natalie grows up to be a successful animator in both routes. Even if the film ends with Natalie just starting her career, it is definitely a very realistic approach to accepting life as it is.

Along with helping me wrap my mind around the nearly traumatic morning incident, this quote and this story are helping me become intentional not just in abstract or strategic ways, but in everyday events as well.

Gehrt is also impressed by the traffic savvy of city coyotes. As it waits to cross a street, a coyote will look for traffic from both directions, and either dart across when there are gaps or when a traffic signal has turned red and cars are stopped. Sometimes, they give up and find another way to where they're going if the street is too busy.

Nearly everyone in Wisconsin was told at least once when they were a kid that you should always look both ways before crossing the street. It seems to be one of the more common sense things that our parents taught us in our youths but with more and more people getting injured or killed due to auto-pedestrian accidents, it would seem that adults may need a refresher course.

In your R journeys you may have come across some interesting functions like apply statements or even lm. One function that is particularly helpful (and interesting) is the piping operator (%>%) from the magrittr pacakge. You may have noticed that the piping operator is similar to the matrix multiplcation operator %*%, in that they are both sandwitch functions (may or may not be trying to coin this term right now), as the function call is/are a symbol(s) enclosed by a % on both times. These sandwitch functions in R are actually members of a larger class of functions, known as infix functions. Unlike most functions such as mean(), summary(), or kable(), are prefix functions, which take their arguments after the fucntion is called (mean(c(1.2,1.6,0.4,3.1)). Infix fuctions on the other hand, come inbetween its (two) arguments. Other infix functions include basic addition, and subtraction (+, -) and all your other common aresthmatic functions. Many in R however, are functions enclosed by a % on both side to indicate their special features. Some other examples are %*% (matrix multiplication), or %in%, etc.

As she begins her new job, the pair start dating, quickly grow closer romantically and decide to move in together. It's everything she has ever dreamed of. However, like in all good rom-coms, life isn't all sweetness and light; fate intervenes in the cruellest of ways.

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