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The next morning, Pierre arrives at the school to see the Principal. After explaining that he witnessed her car being vandalized, Pierre offers to take over the detention shift and teach them ballroom dancing. She agrees, although she feels sure that he will not last more than a day. His first class goes badly due to the scepticism and uncooperative personalities of the students. When Pierre returns the next morning, Principal James explains that the reason LaRhette had refused to dance with Rock the day before was because Rock's brother was involved in a gang war, in which one of the casualties was LaRhette's brother.

Take The Lead

Pierre tells the class about a dance competition that he wants them to enter. Gradually, the students begin to trust Pierre; Kurd even visits his apartment to discuss his sexual problems. When the detention basement is flooded, Pierre takes the students to his dance studio to practice. The youngsters become disheartened by the skills of Pierre's students there as well as the $200 entrance fee for the contest. However, Pierre manages to inspire them again and promises to pay the fee. LaRhette and Rock, who have now learned to respect each other, are assigned to compete in the waltz, and rivals Ramos and Danjou learn to share Sasha during practice.

At the competition, it is announced that a $5000 prize will be given to the winning team. Monster intervenes in the cotillion and saves Caitlin from tripping. Sasha, Danjou, and Ramos perform an impressive three-person tango but are disqualified because the event is a partner dance. Morgan is awarded the prize but defuses the tension by calling it a tie and giving Sasha her trophy. Principal James is impressed with the success of the program and tells Pierre she is making it permanent. Rock arrives at the last minute to dance the waltz with LaRhette, whom he kisses at the end. The final credits roll as Pierre's students triumphantly dance to hip hop music, having taken over the sound system.

Metacritic reports a score of 55 out of 100 (based on 30 critics), indicating a "mixed or average" reviews.[10] Rotten Tomatoes reports a similar score; 44 percent of critics gave the film a positive review (based on 119 reviews - 52 "fresh" and 67 "rotten"), with an average rating of 5.4 out of 10. The site's consensus states: "Banderas is charismatic in the lead, and the dance sequences are captivating, but the story is too familiar and predictable."[11]

Roger Ebert, of the Chicago Sun-Times, awarded three out of four stars. Having seen the "charming" documentary Mad Hot Ballroom, he anticipated the "general direction" the film would take. While the film wasn't "particularly original" and lacked the impact of earlier "classroom parables"; Stand and Deliver and Lean on Me, Antonio Banderas was "reason enough" to see the film. From Ebert's perspective, the film was "more fable than record", and "more wishful thinking than a plan of action".[12]

Our 2023 Take the Lead events will honor incredible women leaders from our community who are the positive role models our girls need today. They inspire girls everywhere and provide them with the courage, confidence, and character necessary to make the world a better place.

"As a dating coach, I often observe that women tend to hesitate around making initial advances and have some expectations that men are going to take the lead on asking them out, planning dates, paying for dates and initiating physical touch," she says.

"[Women] are often the ones who are in charge of all things household related, child related, their social calendar and meals," she says. "There is a consistent theme of women desiring more equality in this regard, but not desiring for men to take the lead specifically."

We value the trust that you place in us by sharing your personal data with us. Race Roster takes your privacy seriously and is committed to handling your personal data in a way that is fair and worthy of that trust. Race Roster will take all reasonable steps to protect your information from misuse and keep it secure. We believe it is important to inform you about how we will use your personal data. Therefore, we encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Are unafraid to speak up. Provide the input the organization hired you for, whether the nominal leader asks for it or not. It may change the whole complexion of the situation, or indicate a better solution.

2015 Laura Stack. Laura Stack, a.k.a. The Productivity Pro, helps professionals achieve Maximum Results in Minimum Time. For nearly 25 years, her keynote speeches and workshops have helped professionals and leaders boost personal and team productivity, increase results, and save time at work. Laura is the author of seven books by large publishers. Her newest book, Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time, hits bookstores in January. Widely regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of performance and workplace issues, Laura has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and USA Today. Connect via her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Laura,This is so right on target! Both for managers and team members. It is a prescription for success that we all can take periodically. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your CPAE award! Well deserved!

She is a take-charge realist who walks the hallways ordering students to take off their hats, pull up their pants and remove their hands from the netherlands of others, and her impulse is to laugh at Pierre, or throw him out. But he prevails and walks into the detention hall, where the students regard him as a visitor from the moon. They resist him, but he fascinates them, especially when he brings in one of his sexiest ballroom colleagues to show them what is surely true, that the tango is more manly, more feminine, more sexy and more plain damn hot than any other form of motion requiring clothes.

Having seen the charming documentary "Mad Hot Ballroom" (2005) about New York grade school kids learning to dance, I anticipated the general direction of "Take the Lead." It is not a particularly original movie and lacks the impact of such earlier classroom parables as "Stand and Deliver," "Lean on Me," "Mr. Holland's Opus" and the similar "Music of the Heart." The vulgar, rebellious, resentful, potentially criminal students are transformed by dancing as surely as music transforms the hero of "Hustle & Flow." And of course the film ends in a ballroom dancing competition, with full-court choreography that in real life takes weeks of rehearsal but in the movies springs spontaneously from the souls of the dancers.

Still, I felt the Alfre Woodard character had something to be said for her dubious realism (the high school principal played by Forest Whitaker in "American Gun" would certainly agree with her) and that the ascendancy of Pierre Dulaine was a little too smooth. I began to suspect he drew a good hand in that detention class, which is made of basically good and misunderstood kids. One really hard case might have capsized the ship.

Private dog training is structured for clients who take an active part in the dog training process from the start. We coach you on canine communication, effective leadership and training tools. We meet weekly or bi weekly and set you up to become the effective leader your pup craves.

Etuaptmumk or Two-Eyed Seeing (E/TES) is foundational in ensuring that Indigenous ways of knowing are respected, honoured, and acknowledged in health research practices with Indigenous Peoples of Canada. This paper will outline new knowledge gleaned from the Canadian Institute of Health Research and Chronic Pain Network funded Aboriginal Children's Hurt & Healing (ACHH) Initiative that embraces E/TES for respectful research. We share the ACHH exemplar to show how Indigenous community partners take the lead to address their health priorities by integrating cultural values of kinship and interconnectedness as essential components to enhance the process of community-led research. E/TES is conceptualised into eight essential considerations to know in conducting Indigenous health research shared from a L'nuwey (Mi'kmaw) perspective. L'nu knowledge underscores the importance of working from an Indigenous perspective or specifically from a L'nuwey perspective. L'nuwey perspectives are a strength of E/TES. The ACHH Initiative grew from one community and evolved into collective community knowledge about pain perspectives and the process of understanding community-led practices, health perspectives, and research protocols that can only be understood through the Two-Eyed Seeing approach.

As allies send varying types and levels of security assistance to Ukraine and deplete their own warehouses, the coordination and distribution of supplies have become a huge logistical operation. The U.S. military leads the effort, receiving supplies from more than 50 countries and distributing them to Ukraine. That coordination is led by the United States European Command out of Stuttgart, Germany. In the short term, the U.S.-led effort is working effectively despite intermittent delays. In the long term, however, NATO, as the institution established explicitly for the purpose of collective security cooperation and coordination among its members in the Euro-Atlantic area, should take up the role.

As the war evolves, Western allies may be more willing to provide weapons that were off the table just a few months ago. And the Ukrainians should be ready. The United States, for example, is reportedly considering supplying fighter jets to Ukraine, a move it has not yet been willing to take, and Ukrainian pilots should already be receiving training. Waiting for the official decision risks an unnecessary delay. A NATO-coordinated hub would ensure that Ukrainian pilots receive the necessary training to fly U.S. fighter jets such as F/A-18 Hornets and F-16 Fighting Falcons. Investing in training on such systems as well as others before they are delivered would significantly reduce the time it takes to get these planes flying in Ukrainian airspace. Such training would need to take place without widespread public knowledge to avoid getting ahead of political decisions. 041b061a72

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